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Our purpose at Smart Dating is to bring together people sharing similar expectations and interests, from singles looking to find their soulmates, to those looking for new friendships or creating new connections.

By just registering to our website, you can get custom notifications for the events of your interest and can get to participate at our smart dating events in Romania.

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Why Speed Dating

Speed dating is a worldwide concept meant to facilitate meeting new people in a shorter time than on a regular date, based on people’s chemistry and intuition.

From there, we took this concept and created the idea of a smart dating community around it, with a variety of fun events, for everyone’s self-development and possibility of creating meaningful connections.


Upcoming Events

Why Smart Dating



We are the first dedicated Romanian dating company, both for locals and expats living in Romania, interested in attending dating events, live or online. Forget all the dodgy dating sites which most of the time prove to be a waste of time!



The team behind our smart dating concept is the only one in Romania with a portfolio of more than 450 party tours and social events organized with tourists & expats.



Our events rely on top quality, helping hosts, in high quality locations and with careful planning. You will enjoy our events and learn something new every time.



We strive to create the biggest Smart Community of Romanians and expats, where people can accomplish many social benefits together. Speed dating events, workshops, party trips and many other group activities are available to our members.

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Why Register

  • Greatly increase your chances for being selected to be part of our speed dating events, even when on waiting list. With the created account, you can apply to join any other events.
  • Increase your chances to meet like-minded people, once we know better your profile and will recommend you just the right events.
  • Become a part of a community of smart people, seeking self-improvement and socializing through various dating events
  • Enjoy the possibility of receiving dedicated emails for future events of your interest on a weekly basis. We will not spam you with useless info, it’s a promise 🙂
  • Being registered and participating in at least one of our events grants priority access for all future dating and partner events. Members are always reviewed and notified first!

What's the Plan


Every event is moderated in the selection phase and during its happening. We want to ensure the best selected participants for each type of event and facilitate the dating process with useful hints and support. This also applies for the online dating events.

Even M/F Splits

All events are planned to have an even split of women and men, unless differently preannounced.

Quality Experiences

Besides facilitating dating, our purpose is to deliver gaining experiences, where everyone will learn or improve their social, thinking or creative skills. For that, we highly recommend knowing the purpose of each event before applying for attendance.

We have fun!

Not just meaningful, but every dating event we organize is smart and fun . We may include challenges, games and Q&As in our events.

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