How it Works

Attending any of our events

If you see an event that you would wish to join and you’re not registered yet, just press the “I wish to attend” button, and you will be redirected to create your free profile.
Once the profile is created and confirmed by email, your request will be reviewed by our team and you will get your result in max. 3 days (or 1 day before the event).

If your request is approved, you will be notified about the meeting place, instructions and also have a ticket link in the email, which will have to be purchased at least a day before the event.

In the unfortunate case of your demand being rejected, you will have just your profile created, with recommendations for future events.

If you only register on our website portal for future events, you will receive a confirmation email with your account and can further use it for applying to any future events that your age fits, if required. Or just be part of our smart community and get email notifications for other events.

Your profile will remain active unless you decide to close it or if you will not access it for at least 6 months.

*Please note that the selection process is taking under consideration factors such as age, interests, membership status and time of registration. Our criteria is not preudicing anyone under any circumstances for unfair reasons*

Mandatory Rules for joining:

  • Respect the communicated number of bookings. Each participant needs to have his account and presence confirmed before attending.
  • If a person wishes to substitute his presence with someone else, our team needs to be informed at least 24 hours before the event. In these cases, the new person would be required to create an account and respect the same conditions
  • Payment process is the same for both parties. If the initial participant already paid for its confirmation while the second participant was rejected, the payment will be refunded or available for future events

Attending specific events

Speed Dating Events

  • Once you arrive at the speed dating location, you will be registered in the presence form and receive a name tag, evaluation form and a drinks voucher.
  • The hosts of the event will separate the participants in 2 groups for the beginning (men and women), while the rules will be explained. For 5-10 minutes everyone will be introduced to the event and assist to a short presentation from our team.
    You will receive a list of recommended topics to approach during the dates, how to manage the time efficiently and how to use the provided forms for your best results.
  • Men and women will be assigned at the tables after randomly extracting their starting position.
    They will  sit down at tables for two, facing each other, with a different person at each time interval (as the event is planned) After each speed dating session, men will rotate their table position, consecutively one by one (eg: from table 7, x will go to table 8 after time expiration).
    In this way, after about 1.5-2 hours, everyone will meet each participant from the different side. 
    In case there is an uneven number of attendees, the extra number of participants will have as many breaks as missing participants, one by one (eg: 5 men and 7 women attending means that 2 women will have a short break consecutively once.
  • Between one speed date and the next one, each participant will have the opportunity to mark on their “approval form” a “yes” or a “no” next to the number/name of the person they have just met. Extra feedback is very useful for us too!
  • At the end of the evening, the event hosts will collect the cards and check the feedback of the participants: if the responses correspond and are reciprocal, the contact of each matching date will be provided to the participants after the event. 
    The contacts provided are the email, full name and phone number, so you can get in touch in several ways.
  • Refunds will be considered just prior to the event start, unless provable emergency cases


  • Each of the workshop sessions involves


  • Normally, due to the higher number of people planned for these types of events, access to our trips is much easier to receive. For planning reasons though, we recommend booking your spots the earliest as possible
  • Most trips have several activities planned during the trip, so please check the full calendar before attending. Most of them are optional activities, but recommended to join for the best outcome of events
  • Accommodation and transfers are not included in the ticket booking price, so please read the conditions carefully before booking. Most of the locations also provide flexible facilities during the stay, such as: extra or less beds in the room, private toilets, views or meals. Just make sure to inform our team in advance of any potential requests
  • Once present at the place of the event, you will receive a notification form with the full schedule and other useful tools, as communicated in each event’s description.
  • Refunds will be considered just prior to the trip start, unless provable emergency cases